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Gemini Zodiac Sign  
Born: May 21st
to June 21st
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GEMINI :  MAY 21 - JUNE 21




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A with Gemini is many things, but it is certainly never boring. The Twins, above all, seek a partner who is mentally stimulating, and once they've found them, sparks will definitely fly! The Twins' lover must be able to keep up in the fast-paced gamed of life, lest they get bored and move on.

Variety of expression, a certain openness and a searching quality are all things which will stimulate the Twins and keep them around. Those born under this sign love to dazzle with their intelligence and quick wit and are consequently the star of any party. Jealous lovers will find themselves tested by Gemini's magnetism, and often it's the Twins themselves who are giving the test, to see if a lover is really true. The love who can keep the Twins feeling comfortable yet give them space will win themselves a lover beyond compare. At the end of the day, the ideal Gemini soulmate has a PhD. and is a world traveler.



The Twins are both fun and funny and love to laugh, play and romp.
They are possessed of a very active mind, which can sometimes lead to a short attention span.

The best way to keep the Twins around is through mental stimulation. A razor-sharp and imaginative lover is a godsend to the terrific Twins. This sign also values adventure and travel, so a certain footloose and fancy free-ness will help this romance bloom.
The duality of the Twins allows them to see both sides of an issue, so in times of stress, they are much likelier to be a lover than a fighter.
They will also feel especially connected to those who can help them feel, since they spend so much of their time thinking.



The game of love is a real adventure for the Twins, since the chase can appear to be so much more fun.
The real question for Gemini is can they find that one person who is a keeper and will keep them happy forever.

Any doubts and the Twins will just keep on lookin'.
When in love, Gemini can be a very caring and thoughtful partner, someone who will do somersaults to keep their lover happy.

Often, though, the Twins find themselves adrift in the sea of love, feeling vulnerable and needing something, or someone, to fill a lonely void.
For all the party chatter and intense brain waves, the Twins have a bit of a melancholy spot, and tenderness and affection can be the perfect antidote.



Someone who can roll with the punches and keep smiling in the face of a multi-faceted onslaught is priceless to the hyperactive Twins.
It's an added plus if that person is smart, fun, a good friend and a great sport.

Geminis need someone who can be attentive to them and who will naturally enjoy their sparkle and wit.
They also prefer a strong partner who is not necessarily as smart as they are but who can pick them up, emotionally, when necessary.

If the Twins can make a marvelous mental match, life will be a dream.
The Gemini lover is easygoing and caring, yet daring and a ball of fire at the right moments. Mental fireworks are high on their agenda, their own as well as those they can make with another.
Only those with plenty of punch need apply for this celestial light show!



The Sun in Gemini gives you the outstanding characteristics of versatility and perspicacity. You are both ingenious and resourceful. You possess a highly developed critical faculty and have an eagerness to learn. This, coupled with a love of change, means that you will have many differing intellectual interests during your lifetime.

Both mentally and physically you are remarkable for your sensitivity to external phenomena. Your ready understanding of people and ideas gives you a charm of manner, which is endearing. You are an able communicator. Your very versatility and ingenuity, however, tend to make you somewhat inconsistent. You lack the more solid virtues of concentration and determination and can be easily distracted.

Duality is a key note of the Gemini signified by its traditional symbol, the twins. The symbol indicates a mind/body tension. The world of ideas can take precedence over the demands of the body. Physical weakness can occur in the dual organs of the body such as the lungs. With the sun in this sign you need to be careful that a common cold does not turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. Your alertness and restlessness also mean that you can drive yourself to the point of nervous exhaustion. You certainly feel "strung out" at times. You need to work at getting time alone to be tranquil.

You experience great difficulty in finding theories and convictions, which give lasting satisfaction. The multiplicity of your interests may lay you open to the charge of disloyalty. Certainly you are rarely constant to any single idea. Your vivaciousness and joy of life make you want to party on with a rich and broad range of acquaintances and in social gatherings you can be a bit of a flirt.

Your adaptability shows promise of success in fields, which affect communication and call for a quick response. Journalism is one such field, whether this be print or electronic, from newspapers to sound and video broadcasting. Lecturing and advocacy in law are others. Provided you seek to avoid the tendency towards superficiality which besets you, you are capable of developing a selective and analytical intellect. Keep in mind that the Gemini is the sign of the twin. There is a part of them that needs love and security, and then there’s the stronger part of them that needs stimulation and novelty. To remain in a relationship with a Gemini you must be able to satisfy their emotional, mental and sexual needs. They love to laugh, travel, spend money, and are eager for new experiences.

Since they know a little about many things and almost everything interests them, you can make a great impression by discussing a topic in depth. The Gemini appreciates honesty and sincerity in a person, so make sure you speak your mind, even if you don’t share the same point of view. Additionally, don’t always stick to one topic of interest, since variety is something they enjoy and find intriguing. These very social and energetic people tend to have a sharp tongue. They are quick to criticize and tend to use words as weapons, so if you’re an emotional person that takes things to heart, you may want to avoid this relationship. When in love, they tend to be quite possessive and inclined to be jealous.

Never give them reason to suspect that you’re not faithful to them, they don’t like to be deceived, and won’t put up with it. Once a Gemini has found someone that they can trust and that fills all their needs, they will be an exciting and devoted partner. Describing the Twins as mercurial is right on the money, since Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury.
Moving, restless, seeking, learning -- Gemini is constant motion, a torrent of wind which is in keeping with this sign's element of Air. The Twins are highly intellectual and won't hesitate to play mind games with a lover, mere child's play to them. They are also great communicators, so get ready to hear everything from pithy remarks to impassioned pleas.
Inventive, quick-witted and fun, the Twins will jump around from one lover to the next until they find one which is almost as smart as they are and able to keep up in this high-spirited race. The reward for those who can lasso a Gemini is a free-spirited lover who shines at parties but is also a devil in the bedroom. Many Geminis are also ambidextrous...ooh.

Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the twins and ruled by the planet Mercury. As the name of their ruling planet suggests, these natives are pure 'quicksilver,' dazzling you with their mental brilliance and intriguing you with their quick-witted charm. Have you ever tried to hold onto a ball of mercury or quicksilver? It rolls around in your hand seeming to vibrate electrically as it darts every which way, trying to escape your grasp. Just when you think you have it under control, it splits into two, each ball shooting in different directions until you've lost them both. The average Gemini is just about as difficult to hold on to. Just when you think you've caught their attention, they're off in a flash, racing to another rendezvous or finding new adventure. Even the more sedate Geminis will seem to escape your scrutiny, as if shrouded in a silver cloud of mercurial vapor, ready to disappear like Merlin or change personalities as easily as a chameleon changes color, all at a moment's notice. Sometimes they'll even split into two, right before your eyes, and you'll swear you're talking to two different people.

If the Gemini native sounds a little puzzling to you, you're not alone. Few can fully understand the whimsical nature of this truly enigmatic sign. Now you see them, now you don't, and sometimes you'll see double. Gemini is the sign of the twins, remember, and you'll have to consider you're dealing with more than one personality. Within each Gemini man or woman is at least two people, sometimes more, and you'll have to learn to tell them apart if you are going to have any success at all in dealing with the capricious sign of the twins.

You can expect June-born to exemplify the qualities of their ruling planet, Mercury. There is an electrical quality, an alert cheerfulness, especially in the eyes, which can make them some of the most engaging people you'd ever want to meet. Their mental alacrity is matched only by the quickness and eagerness of their movements, all bound up in an almost inexhaustible supply of nervous energy. You'll think their only speed is fast forward, but in the next moment, they'll be suave, cool and collected, endearing you with their wit and charm. On again, off again; up again, down again; this is the restless pattern of the natives of Mercury, and you need only visualize tiny spurts and sparks of electrical energy emanating from within their animated personalities to complete the picture. Their eyes sparkle with all the effervescence of champagne, and you'll be reminded of the children's song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. In their devilish smiles and knowing glances, you'll find an impish quality which keeps them eternally youthful .

The Gemini's build is usually slender, of average height or slightly taller, with a certain litheness of limb and movement. The arms may be unusually long, having the appearance of being loosely connected at the shoulders, and the natives may swing them when they walk in long sweeping movements. The features are finely chiseled but soft, with pleasing proportions. The eyes are most often light-colored, and the eyelashes are unusually dark and long, giving some female Geminis a somewhat feline appearance. Even the males will sometimes have eyelashes that would be the envy of many a female. The nose is usually straight, ranging from long to dainty, but never sharp, and the chin is usually well-proportioned and reserved. The general countenance is very alert and intelligent-looking, with a high degree of sensibility in all of the features.

The sign Gemini represents primarily the intellect and its communicative function, as quite apart from the functions of logic, analysis, and reasoning, which are perhaps better relegated to other signs. The Gemini has by no means been cut short of these latter faculties and can even bring them to quite magnificent expression. It's just that he generally becomes bored with their belabored intricacies, and would rather keep things on the light side. Thus we see born under this sign many newscasters, reporters, salesman, joke writers, clerks, actors and comedians, where dealing with the facts, or the topics themselves is all important, without delving too much into their ramifications or relationship to other things. The Gemini delights in the processing of information through his highly sophisticated, finely-tuned brain, and often he'll add twists of his own— an analogy, an alliteration, a rhyme, a quip, witticism, or double meaning to the subject at hand, with such speed, facility, and finesse, that you are left only to marvel at the high development of his mental faculty. Sometimes you can almost hear the computer-like clicking of mental synapses behind matter-of-fact but intelligent eyes, as he comes up with ingenious turns of phrase, one after the other, without raising an eyebrow or even changing expression. Not all Geminis will demonstrate such quick minds, but with these natives there will always be an element of cool objective detachment.

The Gemini's prime directive is communication, and he'll engage in witty conversation, read you the stock market report or give you a rundown of current events all with apparent ease. There may be an apparent lack of reaction to what he has said, keeping you to guess whether he has been affected by the impact of his words. Just listen to any newscaster on the evening news, and you can appreciate the Geminian matter-of-fact delivery. In every case, it is a planetary influence in Gemini which allows the newsperson to talk about hundreds killed in Afghanistan, tornados in the Mid-West, and the weather, all with about the same tone of expression.

Though cool as a cucumber they may be, Geminis can never be accused of callousness. Actually, once you get to know them, they can be as warm, as concerned as any sign in the zodiac. Their cheerful affability can brighten up even the worst of doldrums, and they will always be the first ones there when you need them. Mercurial expression, however, is not particularly emotional, and therein lies the crux of the Gemini duality. With these natives, the focus of consciousness tends more toward their intellectual side, sometimes outweighing the emotional perspective. There appears to be a predominance of intellect over emotion, but it is appearance only. Just because their focus is intellectual does not mean that these natives are without heart. The emotions are highly developed and intact, but the Gemini's "modus operandi" so to speak, is usually from an intellectual perspective, not precluding emotions, but merely overshadowing them a good deal of the time. When the Gemini does show his feelings, they are expressed through a veil of intellectualism, and have the appearance of being acted out rather than genuine, superficial rather than real. Thus emerges the other twin of the Gemini duality, where giddiness may represent love, and glibness genuine caring. This second twin actually becomes a psychological necessity, providing the emotional balance to the Gemini's intellectual nature.

By now you may have deduced that the Gemini can be quite a gadabout. It's true. Like Mercury, the "winged messenger of the gods," these light-footed couriers seem to be in constant motion, running household errands, off to an appointment at the manicurist (Geminis love to have their nails done), grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food place (they hate to take the time to sit down and eat), picking up the kids at school, stopping off at the local bookstore and returning books to the library, all in an afternoon. In their never-ending crusade against sedentariness, Geminis manage to find an endless array of mobile activities to occupy themselves, and never enough time to do them all. Try and accuse them of gallivanting around town, and they'll defend themselves indignantly, "But all those things have to be done!" They do have a point, but now that you've caught the Gemini between mercurial assignments, can he or she just sit down and relax? No. Right away, the June-born will get on the telephone, make appointments with the hairdresser or barber, chat with friends, discuss some business arrangements with a colleague and order some hors d'oeuvres for a party that night. Before you know it they are back on the road again. Needless to say, life is never dull with the sons or daughters of Mercury around. When their bodies stop moving, their minds click back into action, keeping mercurial winds blowing in the whirlwind of activity that always seems to surround them. They'll never get along with stick-in-the-muds who want to just sit around all day. A Gemini just won't be held down.

As you might expect, Geminis can never aspire to a monotonous occupation or profession, or any humdrum activity that doesn't give vent to their restless natures. Gemini natives are endowed with an insatiable curiosity, and they need variety in everything they do—their occupation, hobbies, interests, foods, recreation, and romance. If you're married to a Gemini, take heart. June born will rarely seek variety outside of the marriage, but they'll look to you for that extra measure of spice. Their romantic escapades rarely go beyond flirtation, but they are flirts! You may have to get used to calls in the wee hours from certain impressionable admirers who had fallen prey to your Gemini's cool, suave charms, and had taken them seriously.

It is a well-known fact that Geminis may tend to have a little 'larceny in their blood.' Their keen intelligence, their suave, debonair manner, their lightning-fast responses when under fire, and their superior mental abilities, all add up to the perfect attributes for a manipulator of any kind. Few Geminis will sink to the level of orchestrating schemes, but when they do, they are usually very good at it, and seldom get caught. To them, capers are just another mental game, and the Gemini can find immense pleasure in matching wits with the law or the public and coming out the victor. The average Gemini, however, manages to restrict his lower impulses to activities of less consequence. Little white lies are their foible, and they'll practice their art of verbal houdinism just for the fun of it. Next time you're in the market for a used car, better check out the salesman's birthday. If he's a Gemini, you could go home thinking you've bought a cherry of an automobile and end up with less than you bargained for.

Sincerity has never been one of their strong points, and Geminis can deliver a pretty convincing line of smooth flattery now and then, just for the sheer relish of the moment, without dreaming it could lead to anything. Intentional or not, their glib conversation can get them into some pretty embarrassing situations. As their dual natures would have it, however, they can talk themselves out of a jam just as easily as they got themselves into it, with equally convincing candor. What's worse is you'll believe them. Such is the Gemini's mastery of the language to be able to manipulate your thinking in any way he sees fit, to steer the bend of the conversation to any advantage he so desires, and have you love him for it. One minute you'll find yourself agreeing with him on a point, and in the next contradicting yourself by taking the opposite view, all through his ingeniously subtle prompting and mental sleight-of-hand. Some June-born will take devilish delight in bewildering you with their lightning-fast mental processes, and instead of being annoyed at their little game, you'll be fascinated by their mental adroitness.



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